Thursday, September 23, 2010

Travels and treasures

Here's a picture of my latest finds!!!  Love these 2 butter yellow suitcases I found this week....used picnik to create the cool effect on the photo.  Paid less then $9 for both of them and they are in MINT condition..yeah me:)  Although I'm tempted to bring them on my upcoming weekend away to NYC I believe they will be found in my studio as storage.

Virg has called 3 times from Vegas, he's having a great time and was going to a Chris Angel show in a few hours. I did ask him too if he'd like to borrow these for his trip as well...he declined LOL

I am doing a scrapbook album for a friend for her parents 50th wedding anniversary.  I completed 3 pages tonight and hope to drop it off to her tomorrow morning.  Hoping she'll like how they turned out and excited to continue working on more after I get the album back.

I have Grey's Anatomy taped...shall I watch it before bed???  Hope it was good.....

Monday, September 13, 2010

September is here and back to routines...

Well, September is here and it's back to school, back to routine and my fav time of year!!! This year is different with Ethan in high school and that means a quieter morning with just us two girls after 7:30am. The crazy rush and arguing isn't going's a little funny getting used to that:) This year my first day of school pictures were also "different"...observe:
Although I do have a couple good ones of Victoria, I fear her days of posing nicely for me are soon coming to an end:)

With Ethan I got zero co-operation......observe:
Oh well, what can you expect from a high school kid, right??!!

I finally got myself back on track and planned my meals for the week and got the groceries this morning. I really do better when I plan ahead and am starting a Zumba exercise class tonight as well as trying to get my daily walks in.....wish me luck!

Friday, August 27, 2010

A New Class starts soon!!

Joining a new class again on the first of September with Ms Shimelle!! 
I may try to start setting up my album....I DO have some supplies/paint colours picked out though!!!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Summer fun

Well the end of August is nearing.....and although we enjoyed some days at the cottage just the 4 of us last week I really don't have many pictures!!  So I though I'd post one of this cutie in her sweet suit from Victoria's birthday on August 7th. 

Ethan has his uniforms for high school and his orientation is next week.  I'm still hoping he'll co-operate for first day of school pics:)

On Wednesday we'll be celebrating Virg's birthday with a family dinner of lasagna (as per his request) and I'm thinking we'll do an apple pie as he really does prefer that over cake.

Starting to think about a class I'd like to teach in the fall...most surely a mini album...just have to figure out what "theme" it should be...

Our end of summer activites will include a family reunion, trip to Aberfoyle and a day trip to Cedar Point...and yes, I'll take pictures:)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Doing Cartwheels!!!

I am excited!!!!  As I sit here going thru my daily list of blog favourites I check out one of my newest inspirational ones:  and see one of my layouts on there!!!!  It's so fun seeing something you've created shared on another site ....I'm totally GEEKED...I know:)

This week has gone by SO quickly.  Last Saturday was Victoria's 11th birthday and we had a group of girls out to the cottage and enjoyed a wonderful day together..Sunday was Mazaaar's and Tony Bennett concert with my parents.  This week has been busy with driving kids to golf, sleepovers, dentist appointments...Virg and I had an evening of shopping stateside and dinner out...last night was a bit of scrapping and chatting with a good friend...and today was Lily day:)  Keeping fingers crossed that the rain/thunderstorms they are predicting for Saturday decide to hold off.  We're having my gal pals from school and their families out to the cottage on Saturday and really would like to be able to enjoy the lake and outdoors.

Here's the latest pic of myself and the hubby from Sunday night.  Virg asked my sis to take the picture...he's such a keeper:)  Feel so very blessed XO

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Soon she'll be 11...yikes!!!

Ethan and I went to the mall tonight to purchase a few things for little Ms Victoria who will be turning 11 on Saturday.  We'll be spending what looks to be a gorgeous day with friends from school and family.  Hoping to enjoy some time on the boat and games outdoors, water balloons and good food.
Here she is 2 years ago....that's how long I've had this computer so those are the oldest pics I have on here.... I still remember when they pulled her out of me "it's a BIG...........GIRL!!!"   and yes, she was!!!  Almost 9 pounds but to look at her now you'd never know it:)  She was showing off her 6 pack to us after supper tonight, again:)

The kids are playing nicely together right now with the Wii...I hope they always have a great relationship as they grow older. 

Here's to a weekend of fun at Comber fair, birthday celebrations at the cottage, a nice dinner out Sunday and Tony Bennett with my parents on Sunday.....thinking I may be a little tired on Monday:) !!!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

As summer flies by...

Here's a picture of the two of us taken almost 2 weeks ago...the summer is flying by!! We had gone down to old Walkerville for the Artwalk and to visit my mother (and Dad) at Magana gallery.  Virg made a purchase that evening as well...a piece of work by Mom and it now hangs in his office.  Tonight we plan to stop by Starbucks for a showing of art and a latte.  Virg hopes to stop by to pick us up in the Camaro after an afternoon meeting. Really enjoy the rides in the Camaro..a big part of our summer memories.

Thursday is Lily day and a hair appointment.  Should have made the appointment earlier in the month my roots are quite bad!!  I always feel good after getting my hair done and think I should make a pedicure appointment for next week...spread the feeling good over a few days:)

Last night was family cleanup and organizing time.  With the 4 of us working we got quite a bit accomplished and filled a couple of bags with giveaway clothes and garbage as well. Always feel better when things are more organized and items purged...must do this more often:)

Looking forward to some nicer weather that's warm but not stifling..I might even pick one of the tomatoes that are ready on one of 2 plants in the backyard.  Always have lofty dreams of planting a bigger garden but 2 tomato plants and a basil plant are as good as it gets this year...there's always next summer...maybe...

Friday, July 16, 2010

It's been a long 2 weeks....

...since we've had this little muchkin around!!!  With the busyness of confirmation/ graduation I didn't watch my Thursday gal for a couple of weeks.  So yesterday was a wonderful day.  After Tamara left for work we walked around in the front for a bit then headed to the backyard as we waited for the bigger cousins to get up:)  In the backyard we sat in the hammock together.  I can't get over her imagination lately!!  We talked about the "animals" we saw in the tree.  She first pointed out the crocodile who had only 2 teeth!  Then we had to be careful of the monkeys who were trying to climb into the hammock with us.     We enjoyed waffles for a morning snack (breakfast for my kids!!), trips to WalMart, the pet store and Harveys drivethru for takeout lunch.   After naptime it was summer fun on the slip 'n slide....took a ton of pics
And the reason she's wearing a sticker on her nose???!!!  She used the potty...yeah!!!!  Lots of high fives and praise and of course, chocolate chips always help as well:)
Enjoyed an evening with's also been a long time since we had gotten together!  Dinner at the Penalty box and then back here for more creating...thinking on this very hot day I'll be doing some more inside.  I did order some more prints online so ....why not?!!!

Looking forward to ArtWalk tonight and dinner out.....let the weekend begin:)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Photos of 3....

Our assignment today is to take photos of a grouping of 3.  I took 3 bowls that I have from Portugal all the same style but different in colour.  My other photo is of a grouping of 3 items I have on my side table in the family room.  I'm posting them here for viewing.....

It's another steamy day here.....soon we're off to cool down at the cottage before heading out for a few days...

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

New photos...same old frustrations!!!

We are in the full throngs of summer...sleeping in, staying up late, eating whenever we feel like it!!!  Although today I was getting frustrated with how messy the house was and the lack of clean laundry:)  So today I think I did 6 loads of laundry and tidied up the livingroom/diningroom and swept and mopped the floor.  Victoria was a help with getting the family room done and helping a bit with the laundry.  It's SO HOT that I really didn't want to bug her about too much.  Ethan enjoyed a full day with friends...golfing, swimming, eating tacos at the Coopers.

The new Shimelle class started yesterday and I also took some pics for that although I can't upload them onto the forum there...GRRRRR!!  I thought I had properly resized them but they still looked huge so I didn't post them there but will put some here instead:)  I found it hard to figure out which items in our house represent me....there are quite a few things...yes, I really should do some purging.  So i walked into my studio and picked up my BliSS can, my old camera from an antique store and my Eiffel tower from the local thrift store.  I LOVE all things Paris, love to photograph and BliSS is my word for the year and I found that on ebay and was ecstatic when I won it.  A few of my fav stamps are inside it for now.   Keri and I really enjoyed our first class Use your Stash and now I have been gifted this class for part of my birthday gift...yeah me!!!

Victoria is playing Who Wants to Be A Millionaire with Leticia right now...she's so funny to listen to.  Tomorrow we get to spend the day at the cottage in the afternoon and then off to Toronto for a few days...what fun!!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Good bye grade school.....

Well, this past week has been a whirlwind....we had confirmation a few weeks back and last Thursday was Ethan's graduation from grade 8!! I am finally feeling better after quite a few days with a bad sinus/cold. Last night I had Keri and Amanda here and we scrapbooked and love how my one page turned out with a pic of Ethan and I at the school dance. Tonight he has a grad party at his friend, Nick's house and then tomorrow we're going to possibly be going up to Virg's sisters place to celebrate Canada Day.
Summer has begun!!  As I sit here it's already 10:30 and all 3 kids are still sleeping (Camille slept over:) So enjoying the beautiful weather with cooler temps and gorgeous blue, sunshiney sky.  Looking forward to lazy schedules, eating good food, long days at the cottage, time with my week looks like a couple of days out of town may be in order!!

So proud of my kids....straight A students:)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

a special night, a special kid

It was a special night here at the Costa household...Ethan's confirmation. He looked very handsome (as you can see!!) and did so very well keeping his tie/suit jacket on despite the warm temperatures. We came back afterwards for some goodies, cappucinos and gifts. Ethan really seems to like the Bible that I had chosen for him....still need to show it to Virg LOL  I got some nice pictures and am looking forward to seeing pictures that were taken from Ryan's sister at the church. It was quite crowded in the church but enjoyed having my Dad and Mom beside me in the pew...singing along with my Dad to the hymns. The bishop who spoke at the service was a great speaker. His message was, to sum it up in my own words,  in order to see change in the world we need to look to God but that thru prayer and a change in heart people will be the way change occurs. He's provided for us but we need to make it happen.  Can't wait to continue to see what God has in store for our David Ethan "Joseph" Costa!!


I had a wonderful weekend away....have found myself quite tired since I returned and the cloudy/rainy day today doesn't help:)  Thought I'd post this picture from last week.  A picture perfect rose from the climbing bush that was in full bloom last week.  As I'm sitting here my cardinal friend has stopped by again outside to sign his good morning message to me. We've also discovered a robin's nest in our apple tree.  It sits low in the tree over the hot tub.  There are probably 3 babies inside although it's hard to really see them.

Tonight is Ethan's confirmation and in a few short weeks his graduation from grade school. I can remember his little yellow slicker and turtle it's all about the hair and Hollister or his other shirts of choice:) He is still a wonderful kid and hope he contines to be blessed with great friends and follows a path of Christian faith. It's a scary world sometimes but knowing you're not alone always helps.

On the agenda is to finish ironing up a bit, washing floors, help at the school over lunch, wrap a gift, buy a belt and pick up a few groceries.  I will have to squeeze in getting myself ready as well:)

Sunday, April 25, 2010 of sore muscles and rain

I know Kara-Leigh will cringe when she sees this picture:)  This morning began with coffee and a toasted bagel with peanut butter and time together on the couch.  Victoria slept over at Camilles and so Virg and I headed off to the cottage to bring some stuff out there and pick up my camera cord LOL   Ethan stayed at home and has been getting some XBox time in before leaving early Tuesday morning for his Muskoka trip.  It was actually nice seeing the rain this morning as it means the bushes i planted yesterday and the few plants I transplanted to the front got some well needed watering.  the 7 hours Virg and I spent outside together yesterday paid off.  the yard looks much better and we got the seed down just in time.       Ethan and I went to Walmart this afternoon to purchase some items for his Muskoka trip.  He is VERY excited and I know he's going to have a great time.  He was up later packing and has written me a note to get the camera we didn't pick up earlier so that I remember to get it tomorrow:)  Mom, Dad and Auntie Leigh stopped by to say good bye and have a great time.  

Made some banana cake and hope to watch my show, Brothers and Sisters in just a bit.  Tomorrow I'm off to get some pictures developed so I can begin the fun part of documenting my week-in-the-life project.  Sorry to my family who keeps getting these updates but wanted to write stuff down so I'd have something to refer back to when it came down to "remembering" my week.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Sleeping in Friday :)

Well, today the kids had the day off school so the three :) of us slept in, so very nice!!! The sun was out but I had started with a headache last night and woke up with one this morning as well. When I get these monthly headaches I usually take Advil gel caps as that's the only thing that seems to help. Ethan stayed in his pjs for the morning and Victoria and I left shortly after noon to Michael's, Wendy's for a quick lunch and then to Canadian Tire. We picked up some bushes that were on sale and a furnace filter. Shortly after we arrived home Virg was home as well. We all headed over to the states with Dad and Ed for a car show, Panera Bread for dinner and then a quick trip to Target. Ethan leaves early Tuesday morning for his Muskoka trip so we picked up some clothes for him as well as the new Avatar movie which we hope to watch tomorrow night.

We're very tired and just typing this out before going up to bed.....not many pics taken today. Maybe tomorrow will be better on the picture taking end. It's suppose to be a weekend of rain. hope to plant my bushes tomorrow and housecleaning and finish getting the items needs for his Gr 8 trip.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Lovin the big blue sky....

A busy day today with sunny blue and cool.....first our morning walk (Lily and Aunt Lisa with the CTK ladies:) We could see that the same house we had stopped at yesterday had MORE stuff sitting out on the driveway. I picked up a couple of tins and shoved them under the stroller. Angie found a nice dark brown wicker planter and Cathy found some things including a clothes drying rack. When we returned with our vehicles after our coffees I loaded up with come cups and saucers, pillowcases, white mugs, a duffel bag filled with kaleidoscopes:) wicker plates for outdoor eating.....the list goes on and on.

When Lily and I returned home it was fun in the front with bubbles, posing with 2 figurines on the bench (she asked me to take her picture with them on the bench beside her...too cute!) At one point we were sitting together on the bench and I kind of sat back and looked up at the sky "What a gorgeous day, Lily! That's a beautiful, blue sky. I love that gorgeous blue sky." To which Lily proceeds to lean back into the back of the bench, look up and declare "I love that gorgeous blue sky too Aunt Lisa" She made me smile and laugh so much today:)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Whirlwind Wednesday!!

Okay no new pictures to download....still no connecting cord. This morning I went to go for a quick walk with Marta and Angie had decided to join us as well. travelling down Grand Marais I look down one of the side streets and see a Canadian Diabetes truck at the end of a filled driveway filled with "junk" .....aka unfound treasures in my world:) So I turn down the street...long story short I leave the 2 ladies there as I run, walk, jog back to the school to get my van. I left with a van filled with stuff with something for all 3 of us. I didn't take a picture yet but I will!!! Worked at Virg's office from 11-2, stopped at the high school to pick up Ethan and 3 friends after shadow day there, confirmation class dropoff at 4, finish getting dinner put together, PAC meeting at 6:30 until almost 9, watch the end of Idol gives back, help cut out some pics for Ethan's project (which he is still working on!!) and down sitting down for a bit before bedtime:) Whew!! Oh yes, I forgot about Tuesday......

quickly trying to remember....clothes shopping for a few new spring pieces, pair of sandals and a pillow for my bench outside. Made devilled eggs, 3 loads of laundry, vaccumed up and down and enjoyed a nice but chilly dinner outside.

Another Lily day tomorrow, yeah:)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Trying to remember Monday....

Okay.....this picture is the last one I have uploaded to my computer. I'm trying to complete the week in the life project but somehow I left my cord for attaching my camera to the computer at the cottage..URGH!!! So I am determinded to still continue to take pics and upload them at a later date:) I will now attempt to look back thru the pics on my camera and remember my Monday and "jot" down some notes here on my blog:)

On Monday, it was a quick granola bar for breakfast for me, cereal for the kids. Monday mornings are usually not an early morning for any of us. Ethan got leftovers from Avo's house from the night before and Victoria wanted plain macaroni. After dropping off the kids I went for a walk with Marta and we had coffee and a breakfast BLT sandwich. Afterwards was a trip to the grocery store and I had a bag of clothes and a box of misc stuff for Value Village. As I passed the lady my things she passed me a coupon for 10% yes, I went inside. SO glad I did....found 4 bamboo chairs which I love and remind me of an outdoor french cafe. Picked up 6 small black and white coffee cups from England, a crackle glazed covered dish from Japan, a milk glass vase/urn, wicker wine bottle holder, scroll spoon holder (which I plan to paint) and a mirrored bottom round display piece (painting this as well). Kara-Leigh came over to watch the kids so that Virg and I could go out for dinner at Mazaar's where we devoured the hummus and drank 2 bottles of wine (almost). We were kindof celebrating 22 years since our first date on April 19th.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Celebrating Life Album

Here's some pics from my 6 x 12 album I'm doing with Keri
from an online class. It's with Shimelle and has you using your existing stash...of which I do have lots of supplies to chooses from:)

Really enjoying the weekly prompts and this past Wednesday I was scrapping the day and night my messy house bears witness:)

Hoping to maybe complete another page tonight. I did do 2 loads of laundry so does that mean I don't have to feel guilty??!!

Looking forward to what promises to be a gorgeous, sunny day tomorrow.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Rain and's March for sure!!

Here's my Thursday gal, Miss Lily with her new spring outdoor apparel:) After our morning walk which happened at the mall due to the spring showers this morning....we ducked into Old navy. I wanted to see if they had something to add to her birthday gift as we are celebrating her second birthday on Sunday. At the back on their clearance racks i found this adorable coat and matching boots!! Although the coat is a size 5 Aunt lisa simply rolled up the sleeves a little and voila:) Here's just a couple of shots before heading out to pick up Ethan and Victoria after school.
And the young gentleman with the gray hat trying so hard to ensure his mother doesn't take his picture??.....he's going to be 14 tomorrow!!! I can still remember holding him after he was only a few hours old and thinking how beautiful he was....and he still is...we are blessed.
So excited with the creativity things going on...hopefully the sun will be out as promised and I can take pics of my layouts:)

Monday, January 11, 2010

It's a new Year!

Doesn't this guy just make you laugh??!!! When Virg and I had returned home from getting paint for this fella's room I noticed that my camera bag was open and one of my lenses was about to fall out!!! Ethan had borrowed my camera to take this self-portrait..and I love it! I like how you can see what's behind him reflected. This was the "character" he portrayed as he answered the door to get his sleepover stuff from Blake's dad. He threw open the door and "yo-yo Mr C waz up?!!" Virg and I were cracking up..we had dared him to do it. He needs to go into acting I tell ya'.

Well, the holidays are over and we survived the first week back to school, back to routine...Victoria came home early one day last week due to an upset tummy and the next day Ethan stayed home with a bad head cold. Last night Virg and I finally worked together to get both trees down and all the Christmas stuff put away. Hoping to motivate myself to keep going with the tidying up today. This is a busy week with meetings at the high school Wed night, mtg for Muskoka trip Thu night, confirmation & gymnastic classes, out for lunch Wed and out Friday least there are no bills due this week:)

Okay for today I will spend some time finishing up main floor, 1 hour in Ethan's room (we're trying to redecorate it, new furniture is ready) and then 1 hour tidying up upstairs, menu for the week figured out and creating for 1 hour today as well. I will post what "creating" I did tomorrow:)