Monday, November 3, 2014

Hello November…really?? already?!

   I find it hard to believe it's already November…..poor munchkins who went out for trick or treating this past Friday experienced a cold, wet and windy night.  I have to say it was kind of nice not having to go out:) We had fewer kiddos, probably about 80…I would say about half the usual number.

   One of the highlights of last month was a weekend away with friends in Michigan.  We stayed at a boat and breakfast place that we have stayed at previously and enjoyed some great food and lots of laughter…just what we both needed:)  On the way back we stopped at a covered bridge and took some fall pictures there of us.  I should have brought my tripod to take a picture of the two of us together...


   For this month I'm thinking it will be a month of cleaning up and purging in anticipation of the holidays.  Virg and I have a wedding reception in a couple of weeks, I have a cooking class this week and an open house at a favourite local store. I want to really spend some time in my creative space…doing stuff in there and organizing it (an ongoing battle!!)

   I'm looking forward to putting together my Week in The Life album from my photos and journalling I completed last week…still trying to decide if I will attempt a December album or not…

   Here's to a month of appreciation and hope for healing for some members of my family.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Thus begins April showers….

Well looks like this will be the week for April showers, so I'll post this happy picture from Easter last weekend at the cottage.  We had beautiful weather and really enjoyed our time out there.  For Sunday dinner we had 17 and loved that so many family were able to make it.  We had the works…turkey, ham, potatoes, squash…  The day before Virg and I spent quite a bit of time outside doing cleanup.  There were leaves to gather and burn, mud and dirt caked around the cottage and I tried to get as much done for the meal the day before to help relieve the load for Sunday.  Victoria made the stuffing all on her own and was very proud of the results, as were the rest of us since there were no leftovers in the dish!!!  The Monday was a day off school for the kids so we had Tamara and Lily sleepover and in the morning the 2 Moms did our run:) to help burn off some of the meal from the day before and prepare for the Le Chocolat race coming up May 4th!!

Running is something I've learned to enjoy…more often after I'm done:)  I like the fact that I'm no longer huffing and puffing for 20 minutes after I've finished and can see how it ends up being a nice stress reliever as well. I have never thought of or seen myself as athletic but have to admit I'm catching a glimpse of a gal who finds herself looking forward to the days when it's a "run" day…who would have thought??!!

This weekend coming up is free scrapbooking 101 classes at Michaels on Saturday so will be looking forward to that as well as a surprise birthday party Friday night…and keeping fingers crossed for nice, cool weather for Sunday's race…wish me luck!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

What I Know….

Last week my eldest turned 18…I know?!!!!  When did I turn out to be old enough to have an 18 year old:)  Ethan was showing us a video he had to do for school for his religion class with pictures of him over the years from birth until now with original music for the background.  If you were to guess I was a little teary'd guess right!   SO let me think about things I know about this guy…

…he still LOVES to read and learn
…he enjoys talking to us and we feel pretty blessed that he still does and I know that that is not the case with a lot of families with teenage boys
…he is realizing that putting forth the extra effort in school is worth it and paying opens the door for better and sometimes more opportunities
…he is not afraid to spend time with his family and is going to a Jimi Hendrix tribute concert tonight with his Dad
…he loves to have time with his friends and gets pumped when he just sits around at a local coffee shop and talks with them
…he is not afraid to wear a coconut bra to his cousins 6th birthday party
…he is looking forward to a lifetime of learning and travelling and exploring
…he is a son who makes us proud and his Dad and I feel truly blessed that God chose us to raise him
…he is a gift

can't wait to learn more….

Thursday, March 20, 2014

First day of Spring??!

Well,  despite the fact that there is still quite a bit of snow on the ground and it was quite chilly….and I JUST a few days ago:) took down the last of the outdoor Christmas ornaments…it is time to celebrate…the first day of SPRING!!!!  Yes,  I really do hope it turns up soon.   I am just so ready for sunshine, fresh air thru open windows and wearing some happier clothes.

Virg and I do leave shortly for Key West so hopefully if nothing warmer happens here soon at least I have that to look forward to and to enjoy.  We will be leaving the kids on their own for the first time…Ethan will be 18 by then, so…..I'm sure they'll be fine.  The biggest concern will be that they can  get themselves up in the mornings for school.

I recently got a job at Michaels as a classroom instruction.  I've done some craft club events and birthday parties.  Next week I am being trained on cash so that means more hours I think:)  SO far I have made a bit more than I've spent there since I've been hired.

I have been doing some creating and trying to focus on getting the basement purged so that we can get moving on getting that area finished.  I'm getting excited to organize it and really use some of the Pinterest ideas I've accumulated.

May 3rd is National Scrapbook Day and I am thinking about doing something….we will see:)

I did sign up for the  Big Picture Classes event…yeah!!!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Went to see this old classic last night:)  Enjoyed the old romance....loved the style....

Looking forward to getting my hair done.  I'm thinking about continuing to let it grow out.  I usually don't let it get too long but feeling like a I'd like to try longer hair, with some body and then when the warmer weather returns:) perhaps some highlights!!!

Today is another cloudy and cold day.  I really do not enjoy when the sun is not out..I can handle the colder temps as long as the sun is out.  Glad to have my new hair to look forward to for today, that helps.  As well I have realized that exercise does affect my mood, spirit and energy as well so I made a point to use the treadmill this morning.

Tomorrow evening is a long awaited night with Keri.  We still have not exchanged our Christmas gifts and we are doing dinner together first...going to Motor Burger..yummy!!!  Thinking about ordering a bracelet to remind myself of my OLW this year...I have done canvas pieces in the past and last year I did my word with mixed up fonts on a wooden board and hung it in my kitchen area.

Well....I got a new job this week:)  It's just part time...doing scrapbook classes at Michaels.  They are calling me next week with a schedule for training and what classes will be scheduled....will see how it goes:)  I know I need to being a bit more....hoping to work on getting some volunteer work as well.

Still stalling on my title page for Project Life....thinking it's mostly because I can't find a recent family picture to use.  I brought my tripod home from the cottage last weekend, perhaps that means we can set something up this weekend.  Hoping the kids co-operate for a picture...gets a bit harder as they get older.  There is this one from New Years Day... I believe it was THE coldest I have ever been !!!