Thursday, September 27, 2012

Right Now....

I enjoy reading and being inspired by others through their blogs.....I read (almost) daily ALi Edwards blog and she recently spoke about blogging your right now.  I really would like to use my blog more often as a journalling spot for myself.

praying:  for a friend Danielle, whose Mom is needing triple bypass surgery after suffering a recent heart attack.  She is struggling to help her Dad who is quite helpless as she has done everything around the home and balancing that with her family including 2 little boys.

listening:   as my daughter completes her homework...sometimes singing and other times asking for my help with French

purging:  continuing to go through possessions and divide them into keep or giveaway piles...still much work to be done in the basement:)

wearing:  new skinny jeans in a fall burgundy colour and a necklace I made many years ago

planning:  a weekend getaway with hubby to celebrate our recent 20 year anniversary

counting:  getting back into the daily routine of counting steps taken and need to log daily food again

trying:  to not give in to the bad habit of snacking in the evening before bed..usually I'm tired and I should just drink a bit of water and just go to sleep

and my OLW for 2012...

embracing: the change of season, conversations with my kids, coffee chats with my hubby, phone conversations with my Mum, the challenges of some conversations, the difficult situations, people with challenging attitudes....the fact that I am not in control and giving that up to HIM
photo taken by Victoria at the cottage a few weekends ago....

Monday, September 24, 2012

Weekend Lens

These are a couple of pictures taken by Victoria and then I took one of her as she was talking to me:)  We went for a short walk to Ojibway this past Sunday as the boys were out at hockey.  It was a nice time....just enjoying the sunshine and cooler temperatures.  We made a stop first for coffee for myself and fries and a drink for Victoria.  Our weekend was spent quietly enough at, a sleepover with Lily here Friday night and a slow cooker meal of pulled pork for dinner Sunday.  That was kind of the highlights...LOL  It feels like the kids are just growing so quickly now.  I'm thinking we won't have many times left with just the 4 of us...just need to say thank you and enjoy the present gifts.