Saturday, April 30, 2011

Oh my goodness!!!

I just realized that today is the LAST day of April??!!  Ok, where did this month go???  Looking toward a busy week next week with a volunteer luncheon at the school, Mega Meet in Michigan, orthodontist appointment for Victoria and Mothers Day on the weekend.

Last night was a creativity night for myself and Keri which we haven't had for excited to create and got some pages done which make me happy:)  What do you think??  think perhaps I have quite a few pictures of Lily???!!  Wait until I share the ones where she's wearing her raincoat and carrying daffodils from the garden :) 

Also, Virg has started painting my new scraproom/library and am loving the colour!!!  Hoping to get the second coat on tomorrow and then we can begin the fun part of putting the furniture back in and setting it up.  I know more purging is in order LOL