Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Summer laziness...

Well, can't believe that July is already half over!! The weather has been quite nice except today it did get quite muggy in the afternoon and around 4:30 I went over and kicked the air conditioning on again.

Been kind of in a funk the last few days....not much energy to do much. We had the Dragon Boat races on Sunday and even though I was only in the first race, the day being out in the hot made me quite tired and drained the next day.

Victoria has been busy this week visiting and swimming with her friend, Cynthia yesterday and then she spent the day over at Camilles. Ethan (poor fella LOL) has been here at home with me mostly. I picked up a badminton set at Canadian Tire and we've had a few matches between the two of us. Harry Potter's new movie is out tonight and Ethan and Auntie Leigh are having a "movie Date" together!!! Victoria wants to just chill out here in the house tonight and if Virg makes it home after his meeting and before going out to play cards, we may make an ice cream run. I was hoping to post a few pictures, although not recent...I must take more pictures!!!...the battery is being charged at the moment.

I did spend a little time in my room upstairs and completed one layout after seeking inspiration on the Studio Calico website. I did a layout using pictures of Spring from around the cottage. I'm looking forward to seeing the progress made there this weekend and Virg informs me we'll be doing some painting while we're there.
Get to see this little muchkin and her Mommy again tomorrow night for dinner. She's such a dear and am looking forward to my Wednesdays with Lily beginning in September!