Tuesday, April 21, 2009

We're here!!!

We've been enjoying our time here in Sedona and have been blessed with gorgeous weather!! Today we enjoyed some gorgeous views on a pink jeep tour we took this afternoon. At the top of Snibley Hill (sp?) we had a great BBQ dinner before heading back to the hotel. Although it's only shortly after 9pm here we are all just about ready for lights out. Being outside for most of the day really wears you out and we have another full day of fun planned for's some pictures for you to enjoy :) These two pictures are from our visit to SLide Rock yesterday. I can't believe that both Ethan and Virg made their cold ride down Slide Rock!!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Weekend

Taking the time here and now to record our Easter celebrations. The weekend was full of food and family times. We went to Good Friday service at "our" church and enjoyed listening to the stations of the cross service and seeing some families from school. The afternoon we spent some time cleaning around the house and Ethan had some friends stop by for some road hockey, Virg was happy to join in for a bit when they were short a man :)

Saturday we had my family over including little Lily who was celebrating her first Easter and therefore we had to have an egg hunt. Victoria organized them with letter stickers on each egg to spell out "Lily is a cute girl" Next year we hope to have some surprises inside for her instead!!

I found a cute Paris themed shirt and some cute red and white polka dot pants and I found her one of those cute fluffy yellow chicks that peep when you hold them on your hand!! It was a really nice time together and enjoyed the food:pork roast, scalloped potatoes, broccoli asian salad, hot cross buns, asparagus and an almond cookie torte for dessert. Mum brought a purple basket of chocolate goodies which i have in the living room hoping to keep them away from me!!!
Easter Sunday service was wonderful!! Father Nelson is a great speaker and he always says something that speaks to me. Although it was a tad chilly, the sun was out and made for a beautiful day. Victoria and Ethan looked for eggs in the backyard, using Victoria's dress as a basket! They enjoyed their visit with their cousins and we celebrated with an ice cream cake after dinner for dessert to celebrate 3 birthdays: Ethan, Samantha and Virg's mom.
It really was an enjoyable weekend just visiting with everyone and enjoying good food and wine. I have to admit I was real tired by 10:30 last night and was happy that we have a day off school today!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Junk treasures!!

After picking up a few groceries I went across the road to the Value Village and found some most favouritest Eiffel tower!!! I was nearly jumping up and down when I found it. I must have had the biggest grin on my face. Found some wire racks to use in my studio to hold some 12 x 12 papers, milk glass vase, old croquet balls (can see these in a bowl at the cottage!), gorgeous green brooch and an awesome lunch pail. Giddy with excitement..sad isn't it :)

Take a peek...

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

SC challenge...comfort colours

There's a scrapbooking kit club that I've belonged to for almost a year. It's been a real blessing since our the LSS store that I worked at closed in January (very sad, missing it SO much!!) Studio Calico is wonderful for inspiration and challenges and sharing. The most recent blog post was a challenge to discover your comfort colours...your go to colours, the ones you tend to gravitate towards. I love colour and combinations. I loved helping customers put together "kits" for their projects, it's one of the things I most enjoy when first beginning a project.

So, I've included photos of things that I've found that inspire well as pictures of a recent mini album I completed.

I discovered that it seems the earth tones are "safe" and comforting. Sunny, buttery yellows...deep red, browns and accents of black. From art from a fav artist, James Tissot to the colours we have in our home...I found a link, a connection.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Adding published beside my name!!'s official I have my first published "article" and a layout on scrapbooking .com....and I'm quite excited!!! My Mom has emailed some of her friends and Keri was sweet and called me this afternoon. I had coffee with some friends this afternoon and they were very sweet when I told them as well. I am truly blessed to be surrounded by such wonderful and supportive friends.

Tomorrow is the day Ethan has anxiously been waiting for since his birthday last Thursday. We will be bringing him and 6 of his friends out to the cottage for a sleepover. So hoping the weather co-operates so we can do some things outside. Look for pictures next week!!

Tomorrow morning I have Lily and Tamara coming over for a visit. Tamara returns to work next week and Lily has been going for small visits at the daycare a few times this week. It will be a time of change and adjustment for everyone. I remember those times for me...daycare really was a great experience for my kids. I think especially for Ethan as he was a quiet kid and it helped when he enterred kindergarten. It seems like that was SO many years ago now :)