Monday, January 11, 2010

It's a new Year!

Doesn't this guy just make you laugh??!!! When Virg and I had returned home from getting paint for this fella's room I noticed that my camera bag was open and one of my lenses was about to fall out!!! Ethan had borrowed my camera to take this self-portrait..and I love it! I like how you can see what's behind him reflected. This was the "character" he portrayed as he answered the door to get his sleepover stuff from Blake's dad. He threw open the door and "yo-yo Mr C waz up?!!" Virg and I were cracking up..we had dared him to do it. He needs to go into acting I tell ya'.

Well, the holidays are over and we survived the first week back to school, back to routine...Victoria came home early one day last week due to an upset tummy and the next day Ethan stayed home with a bad head cold. Last night Virg and I finally worked together to get both trees down and all the Christmas stuff put away. Hoping to motivate myself to keep going with the tidying up today. This is a busy week with meetings at the high school Wed night, mtg for Muskoka trip Thu night, confirmation & gymnastic classes, out for lunch Wed and out Friday least there are no bills due this week:)

Okay for today I will spend some time finishing up main floor, 1 hour in Ethan's room (we're trying to redecorate it, new furniture is ready) and then 1 hour tidying up upstairs, menu for the week figured out and creating for 1 hour today as well. I will post what "creating" I did tomorrow:)