Thursday, March 20, 2014

First day of Spring??!

Well,  despite the fact that there is still quite a bit of snow on the ground and it was quite chilly….and I JUST a few days ago:) took down the last of the outdoor Christmas ornaments…it is time to celebrate…the first day of SPRING!!!!  Yes,  I really do hope it turns up soon.   I am just so ready for sunshine, fresh air thru open windows and wearing some happier clothes.

Virg and I do leave shortly for Key West so hopefully if nothing warmer happens here soon at least I have that to look forward to and to enjoy.  We will be leaving the kids on their own for the first time…Ethan will be 18 by then, so…..I'm sure they'll be fine.  The biggest concern will be that they can  get themselves up in the mornings for school.

I recently got a job at Michaels as a classroom instruction.  I've done some craft club events and birthday parties.  Next week I am being trained on cash so that means more hours I think:)  SO far I have made a bit more than I've spent there since I've been hired.

I have been doing some creating and trying to focus on getting the basement purged so that we can get moving on getting that area finished.  I'm getting excited to organize it and really use some of the Pinterest ideas I've accumulated.

May 3rd is National Scrapbook Day and I am thinking about doing something….we will see:)

I did sign up for the  Big Picture Classes event…yeah!!!