Friday, August 27, 2010

A New Class starts soon!!

Joining a new class again on the first of September with Ms Shimelle!! 
I may try to start setting up my album....I DO have some supplies/paint colours picked out though!!!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Summer fun

Well the end of August is nearing.....and although we enjoyed some days at the cottage just the 4 of us last week I really don't have many pictures!!  So I though I'd post one of this cutie in her sweet suit from Victoria's birthday on August 7th. 

Ethan has his uniforms for high school and his orientation is next week.  I'm still hoping he'll co-operate for first day of school pics:)

On Wednesday we'll be celebrating Virg's birthday with a family dinner of lasagna (as per his request) and I'm thinking we'll do an apple pie as he really does prefer that over cake.

Starting to think about a class I'd like to teach in the fall...most surely a mini album...just have to figure out what "theme" it should be...

Our end of summer activites will include a family reunion, trip to Aberfoyle and a day trip to Cedar Point...and yes, I'll take pictures:)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Doing Cartwheels!!!

I am excited!!!!  As I sit here going thru my daily list of blog favourites I check out one of my newest inspirational ones:  and see one of my layouts on there!!!!  It's so fun seeing something you've created shared on another site ....I'm totally GEEKED...I know:)

This week has gone by SO quickly.  Last Saturday was Victoria's 11th birthday and we had a group of girls out to the cottage and enjoyed a wonderful day together..Sunday was Mazaaar's and Tony Bennett concert with my parents.  This week has been busy with driving kids to golf, sleepovers, dentist appointments...Virg and I had an evening of shopping stateside and dinner out...last night was a bit of scrapping and chatting with a good friend...and today was Lily day:)  Keeping fingers crossed that the rain/thunderstorms they are predicting for Saturday decide to hold off.  We're having my gal pals from school and their families out to the cottage on Saturday and really would like to be able to enjoy the lake and outdoors.

Here's the latest pic of myself and the hubby from Sunday night.  Virg asked my sis to take the picture...he's such a keeper:)  Feel so very blessed XO

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Soon she'll be 11...yikes!!!

Ethan and I went to the mall tonight to purchase a few things for little Ms Victoria who will be turning 11 on Saturday.  We'll be spending what looks to be a gorgeous day with friends from school and family.  Hoping to enjoy some time on the boat and games outdoors, water balloons and good food.
Here she is 2 years ago....that's how long I've had this computer so those are the oldest pics I have on here.... I still remember when they pulled her out of me "it's a BIG...........GIRL!!!"   and yes, she was!!!  Almost 9 pounds but to look at her now you'd never know it:)  She was showing off her 6 pack to us after supper tonight, again:)

The kids are playing nicely together right now with the Wii...I hope they always have a great relationship as they grow older. 

Here's to a weekend of fun at Comber fair, birthday celebrations at the cottage, a nice dinner out Sunday and Tony Bennett with my parents on Sunday.....thinking I may be a little tired on Monday:) !!!