Monday, November 30, 2009

The last day of November

Although I enjoyed a wonderful Crafting at the Cottage day on Saturday I'm still quite pooped today!! I didn't take one picture but hope some of the other ladies will pass some on to me...

I went out with Kara-leigh today to the mall for a bit before we went to pick up a few groceries. Finished Christmas gifts for my nieces and a gift for my Mom. So tomorrow is December 1st and I feel like I'm in pretty good shape (we'll see how long that feeling lasts LOL) Trying to have as many handmade gifts done as I can manage:) I know I can place a lot on my plate and then get all down on myself if I can't complete everything...must try not to do that this year.

Went over for a quick visit to see Virg's parents. His Dad is doing amazing well considering tomorrow will be a month since his surgery. He was showing us how he can walk without the use of his cane. We only let him do a short distance but you can see how happy he is with his results as well. That's very good news considering one doctor told him he was very close to having to use a wheelchair just 6 months ago!!

Doctors appointments tomorrow for myself and the kids. After much deliberating back and forth decided that the 3 of us would get the H1N1 shot. Especially after having a asthma scare last Friday night at a girl's house who had 2 dogs...not fun!!

I signed up for Theresa M's Christmas ezine...excited to look it over tomorrow. Virg is already asleep on the couch so thinking we should both head upstairs for an early night. Making lists tomorrow to help organize myself...we'll see:)
A picture posted of Miss Lily Christmas morning here last year....can't wait for this year!!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Praying and Preparing....

Feeling a little scatter brained this morning...the weekend was lovely but just flew by! I am happy that UPS was already here and my 9 boxes of stuff for the school fundraiser order have arrived. Now I don't feel tied down waiting for him to arrive.

Praying for Amanda, Joe, Aida, Malik, Kate and little Eli. Poor Malik has been suffering quite badly with head pain and it was time to bring Malik back to the hospital. Hoping he's feeling more peaceful and the Fryers can feel the love being poured out to them.
It will soon be time to start decorating for the Christmas season but did want to share this arrangement I have in the livingroom. I love the colours of autumn and placed the dried yellow roses in there after they had lost their inital luster but love the dried beauties as well. Love the silver bowl I found in Value Village last month. After cleaning it up you could really see the details around the top and on the handles.
Plans are underway for a crafting weekend at the cottage. I've invited some ladies from Scrap Therapy out to the cottage for this coming Saturday. I have gifts that I'm in the process of making and hoping Victoria is in the mood for helping Mommy tonight. The boys are off to a hockey game tonight so it'll just be us at home:) Off to tidy up the kitchen and organize my thoughts with a to do list which always helps!!