Thursday, May 7, 2009

Look what happens in a year.......

Look at these two cuties!! Look at how they've grown...these pics are almost exactly one year apart (minus a week or two).
Ways in which they've changed...
Victoria..she's gained confidence and ability in gymnastics, grown a size in clothing and a size larger in shoes, lost 4 teeth, enjoyed trips to Portugal and Southern States, stopped her habit of biting her finger nails (for the most part!)
Lily..she's learned how to say Mama and Dadee, walks like a pro, laughs, almost has her first tooth, started day care, made new friends, uses her finger nails to "tickle"
Ways/things that haven't changed...
Victoria..very excited to have a baby cousin, still has her hair in a shorter style, still enjoys plane rides but is not patient on car rides, still flips her hair behind her ears loved greatly by her family, still amazes me with her beauty, dresses superbly, changes each time I see her
One thing for sure that hasn't changed and I don't think ever will....these two are crazy about each other!!! Cherish your special cousin you girls!!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Signs of Spring..May

Although it's a bit cooler so happy the sun is out! Later this week we are expecting rain so thought I would head out to the yard and take some pics of the early signs of spring that are appearing around here at home.
After returning from what I think was one of best family vacations last weekend, we went for a day out to the cottage Sunday. Gorgeous warm weather had us outside for the majority of time. I got some weeding done and finally pulled out the rest of 2 ugly bushes that I had cut right back last summer. Virg and I started packing up some things from the cottage and demo of the kitchen should begin next Saturday...yeah!!!
Saturday I had an awesome day with Keri and a group of wonderful scrapping ladies out in Harrow. I finished up a small mini with pics from Slide Rock park and did 3 12 x 12 layouts as well. I so enjoyed being with the creative "energy" of everyone and met some new scrap friends as well. Tammy and Michele had some delicious sandwiches and a ton of great prizes as well.
My blessings are many....