Monday, January 31, 2011

The sun is out..the sun is out!!!

Yes!  It may be cold BUT the sun is out LOL  Hoping this will put me in the mood to get more done around the house today.  I NEED to continue on the journey of getting the "rooms switched".  I dropped off more stuff to Sue today and will continue to purge my crafting supplies.

Saw this video on another blog...LOVE this idea!!

Another way to put my odds and bits in one spot:) 

Dropped off my frame, 2 minis, canvas and pages to Scrppy Chic on Saturday....keeping my fingers crossed about getting on their design team.  It's my first time attempting something like this so we'll see...

Off to tidy up and get purging...wish me luck!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Baby it's cold outside!!!

Peek a boo!!!  Recognize this cutie?!  This is the last picture I have taken...back on January 6th.  It wasn't as cold out that day as it was today, thank goodness.  I can't believe it's been so long since I've updated here...the holidays flew by and I was quite sick and kept things pretty low key which really was a wonderful thing.  Now poor Ethan is fighting a sinus/cold virus that has been hanging around for almsot 2 weeks now.  His first exam is on Wednesday and hoping his first high school exam goes well.

I'm in the process (long) of trying to empty out my craft space and switch my room with Victoria's bedroom.  I have been happily purging and giving away many supplies.  I'm really keeping my word of the year "purpose" in my head as I clean up.

I have been working on some projects as I attempt to apply for a design team for a store in Michigan.  I'm also contemplating doing some projects for a few local craft shows along with my Thursday girls.  We really enjoyed our Christmas projects we did together and have more ideas for creating stuff.  We have our Valentines dance in a few weeks and have been helping with that as well.

On the agenda for this week....take some pictures:)  and try to continue working on that room...ugh