Tuesday, July 27, 2010

As summer flies by...

Here's a picture of the two of us taken almost 2 weeks ago...the summer is flying by!! We had gone down to old Walkerville for the Artwalk and to visit my mother (and Dad) at Magana gallery.  Virg made a purchase that evening as well...a piece of work by Mom and it now hangs in his office.  Tonight we plan to stop by Starbucks for a showing of art and a latte.  Virg hopes to stop by to pick us up in the Camaro after an afternoon meeting. Really enjoy the rides in the Camaro..a big part of our summer memories.

Thursday is Lily day and a hair appointment.  Should have made the appointment earlier in the month my roots are quite bad!!  I always feel good after getting my hair done and think I should make a pedicure appointment for next week...spread the feeling good over a few days:)

Last night was family cleanup and organizing time.  With the 4 of us working we got quite a bit accomplished and filled a couple of bags with giveaway clothes and garbage as well. Always feel better when things are more organized and items purged...must do this more often:)

Looking forward to some nicer weather that's warm but not stifling..I might even pick one of the tomatoes that are ready on one of 2 plants in the backyard.  Always have lofty dreams of planting a bigger garden but 2 tomato plants and a basil plant are as good as it gets this year...there's always next summer...maybe...

Friday, July 16, 2010

It's been a long 2 weeks....

...since we've had this little muchkin around!!!  With the busyness of confirmation/ graduation I didn't watch my Thursday gal for a couple of weeks.  So yesterday was a wonderful day.  After Tamara left for work we walked around in the front for a bit then headed to the backyard as we waited for the bigger cousins to get up:)  In the backyard we sat in the hammock together.  I can't get over her imagination lately!!  We talked about the "animals" we saw in the tree.  She first pointed out the crocodile who had only 2 teeth!  Then we had to be careful of the monkeys who were trying to climb into the hammock with us.     We enjoyed waffles for a morning snack (breakfast for my kids!!), trips to WalMart, the pet store and Harveys drivethru for takeout lunch.   After naptime it was summer fun on the slip 'n slide....took a ton of pics
And the reason she's wearing a sticker on her nose???!!!  She used the potty...yeah!!!!  Lots of high fives and praise and of course, chocolate chips always help as well:)
Enjoyed an evening with's also been a long time since we had gotten together!  Dinner at the Penalty box and then back here for more creating...thinking on this very hot day I'll be doing some more inside.  I did order some more prints online so ....why not?!!!

Looking forward to ArtWalk tonight and dinner out.....let the weekend begin:)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Photos of 3....

Our assignment today is to take photos of a grouping of 3.  I took 3 bowls that I have from Portugal all the same style but different in colour.  My other photo is of a grouping of 3 items I have on my side table in the family room.  I'm posting them here for viewing.....

It's another steamy day here.....soon we're off to cool down at the cottage before heading out for a few days...

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

New photos...same old frustrations!!!

We are in the full throngs of summer...sleeping in, staying up late, eating whenever we feel like it!!!  Although today I was getting frustrated with how messy the house was and the lack of clean laundry:)  So today I think I did 6 loads of laundry and tidied up the livingroom/diningroom and swept and mopped the floor.  Victoria was a help with getting the family room done and helping a bit with the laundry.  It's SO HOT that I really didn't want to bug her about too much.  Ethan enjoyed a full day with friends...golfing, swimming, eating tacos at the Coopers.

The new Shimelle class started yesterday and I also took some pics for that although I can't upload them onto the forum there...GRRRRR!!  I thought I had properly resized them but they still looked huge so I didn't post them there but will put some here instead:)  I found it hard to figure out which items in our house represent me....there are quite a few things...yes, I really should do some purging.  So i walked into my studio and picked up my BliSS can, my old camera from an antique store and my Eiffel tower from the local thrift store.  I LOVE all things Paris, love to photograph and BliSS is my word for the year and I found that on ebay and was ecstatic when I won it.  A few of my fav stamps are inside it for now.   Keri and I really enjoyed our first class Use your Stash and now I have been gifted this class for part of my birthday gift...yeah me!!!

Victoria is playing Who Wants to Be A Millionaire with Leticia right now...she's so funny to listen to.  Tomorrow we get to spend the day at the cottage in the afternoon and then off to Toronto for a few days...what fun!!