Tuesday, September 20, 2011

New stuff!!

Well, after my last post I did indeed go up to my "room" and do some creating and it felt good:)  Here are the results....3 layouts and a mini that I started.  I REALLY love the Authentique paper (as you can tell I even left the labelling of the paper as part of my page:)  It was fun to use the black and whites I had from the first summer I was done working fulltime...seems so long ago.

Love all the little stuff from the Authentique line...know I'll be using this stuff a lot in my projects!!

I had all my pre-op stuff done at the hospital yesterday...took way longer than I thought but glad to be getting closer to being done:)

Loving this sunshine today...enjoy.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

It's been a long time.....

It has been an extremely long time since I have blogged here....why...   I think  there are many reasons.  I have had my health to worry about since May and really haven't felt quite right and know that once the whole thing is over with at the end of this month I will feel like now things are not so much "on hold".  This month I have begun to feel like things are really going to  be ok.  I know I am VERY blessed with SO much in my family and friends, relationships that are true and a real gift..that has been a real source of awareness and gratitude for me.  My relationship with Christ has been like any's ups and downs, happiness, insecurities.  At one point I felt like, OK I know I have a wonderful that about to end?  Am I being punished?

I read today that God doesn't want to punish us and yet when things come up we can sometimes feel that way. It's amazing what challenges and experiences can do to really make you understand who you are and look and see what is really there around you.  There is so much heartache and suffering around the world and I have so much to say "thank you" for even if I don't realize it is worthy of a grateful heart.

Well, enough spilling out my feelings LOL...

Today is a wonderful, sunshiney day and I am going to create!! 

Thank you:)