Saturday, February 26, 2011

Little yellow Bicycle....

No I haven't been out riding:)  This is the name of a scrapbooking company and I just completed a layout with some cute pics of Matt from a walk at a local park back in the fall.  The colours worked perfectly with the pictures...what do you think?  Although I believe I'll be taking another picture tomorrow when the sun is out!!
Virg arrived safely in Vegas last night and has "miked" me a couple of times...I'm sure he's sorry to be missing the falling snow :)  Victoria has 2 friends over for a sleepover and Ethan is out at the show with friends and will be home later so ....I still have the diningroom table taken over with supplies and am happily creating.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My first design team projects are done!! first projects for Scrappy Chic are completed and some are posted on their website..yeah!! I'm hoping to head over there soon to deliver them and want to purchase some more items of Little Yellow Bicycle's twig collection.  I bought some papers when I was there last Friday but would like to add some embellishments.  I have pictures of little Mathew on a nature walk we took last fall at a local nature preserve area and they would go perfectly together.

Here's a couple of pictures of my projects:

The above is a mini of the Toronto distillery area we went to in early December..really happy with how it turned out!!

Close up and the full picture of myself and my sister when we were younger!!  It's funny looking at older photos...I can remember that lamp and even the flannel nightie I'm wearing :)

Hopefully the warmer temperatures they're promising will mean no more flannel for awhile...I'm ready for spring!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Heart Love

I have some Valenine's stuff out..not much...still trying to get the rooms done..not going very quickly LOL  Lily was SO cute today.  As we washed and then dried our hands she asked about the heart towel I had hung up in the bathroom that was there last week. SO cute how she remembered and told me she liked it:)  I told her it was in the wash...LOL

My design team meeting is tomorrow night...excited and happy that another girl just happens to live 2 streets over from me and we're going over together..yeah!!

Lily and I are watching Marmaduke on the couch, much too cold to be outside.  She also asked if I could go to Cinderella's castle with her...too sweet.  Love my Thursday girl:)

Monday, February 7, 2011

Design team excitement...

I'm SO very excited to have been chosen to be a member of the Scrappy Chic Design team!!  It's a very dreamy store full of scrapbooking goodies and beading supplies as well. I got the call on Friday afternoon as Victoria and I were getting ready for the Valentines dance for her school.  We'll be having a get-together meeting soon so I'll know more details after that.....yeah!!!

I also see that of my fav new magazines finally have their second issue coming out...

Now if only the sun would come back out.....