Thursday, March 25, 2010

Rain and's March for sure!!

Here's my Thursday gal, Miss Lily with her new spring outdoor apparel:) After our morning walk which happened at the mall due to the spring showers this morning....we ducked into Old navy. I wanted to see if they had something to add to her birthday gift as we are celebrating her second birthday on Sunday. At the back on their clearance racks i found this adorable coat and matching boots!! Although the coat is a size 5 Aunt lisa simply rolled up the sleeves a little and voila:) Here's just a couple of shots before heading out to pick up Ethan and Victoria after school.
And the young gentleman with the gray hat trying so hard to ensure his mother doesn't take his picture??.....he's going to be 14 tomorrow!!! I can still remember holding him after he was only a few hours old and thinking how beautiful he was....and he still is...we are blessed.
So excited with the creativity things going on...hopefully the sun will be out as promised and I can take pics of my layouts:)