Thursday, September 23, 2010

Travels and treasures

Here's a picture of my latest finds!!!  Love these 2 butter yellow suitcases I found this week....used picnik to create the cool effect on the photo.  Paid less then $9 for both of them and they are in MINT condition..yeah me:)  Although I'm tempted to bring them on my upcoming weekend away to NYC I believe they will be found in my studio as storage.

Virg has called 3 times from Vegas, he's having a great time and was going to a Chris Angel show in a few hours. I did ask him too if he'd like to borrow these for his trip as well...he declined LOL

I am doing a scrapbook album for a friend for her parents 50th wedding anniversary.  I completed 3 pages tonight and hope to drop it off to her tomorrow morning.  Hoping she'll like how they turned out and excited to continue working on more after I get the album back.

I have Grey's Anatomy taped...shall I watch it before bed???  Hope it was good.....

Monday, September 13, 2010

September is here and back to routines...

Well, September is here and it's back to school, back to routine and my fav time of year!!! This year is different with Ethan in high school and that means a quieter morning with just us two girls after 7:30am. The crazy rush and arguing isn't going's a little funny getting used to that:) This year my first day of school pictures were also "different"...observe:
Although I do have a couple good ones of Victoria, I fear her days of posing nicely for me are soon coming to an end:)

With Ethan I got zero co-operation......observe:
Oh well, what can you expect from a high school kid, right??!!

I finally got myself back on track and planned my meals for the week and got the groceries this morning. I really do better when I plan ahead and am starting a Zumba exercise class tonight as well as trying to get my daily walks in.....wish me luck!