Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas of 2012

Here's some of our photos....our holidays were filled with fun times together baking, opening gifts, being together with family and friends, enjoying a real Christmas tree and real SNOW for Christmas!!!  After the tragedy in Connecticut,  this season really became focused on enjoying the moments....SO many times I felt myself thinking about those families and I have prayed for strength and love to be sent their way. SO many things to be grateful for this year...really happy that no one was ill.  It seemed in the weeks leading up to Christmas there were so many around who were sick and I had my fingers crossed:)  also had vitamin C ready in the cupboard as well.

Looking forward to some more days spent with the kids and time at the cottage and the beginning of a new's to a year filled with more moments of joy.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas is coming....

December has flown is my Dad's 70th birthday!!  Wishing him the bestest of days XOXO

Today is the shortest day of the year and finally we have SNOW:)  Now it finally feels a little more like Christmas.

I have my December Daily set up and have been journalling daily...have yet to put pictures in it yet...

I did get Christmas cards made and sent, gifts are wrapped except for 2/3, stocking stuffers are bought, turkey and food for Christmas day is bought.....still to do is watch It's A Wonderful favourite of all time and just such a part of my Christmas celebrations.

LOVE our real tree this year!!

Not many more days left..hoping the snow sticks around:)