Thursday, April 3, 2014

What I Know….

Last week my eldest turned 18…I know?!!!!  When did I turn out to be old enough to have an 18 year old:)  Ethan was showing us a video he had to do for school for his religion class with pictures of him over the years from birth until now with original music for the background.  If you were to guess I was a little teary'd guess right!   SO let me think about things I know about this guy…

…he still LOVES to read and learn
…he enjoys talking to us and we feel pretty blessed that he still does and I know that that is not the case with a lot of families with teenage boys
…he is realizing that putting forth the extra effort in school is worth it and paying opens the door for better and sometimes more opportunities
…he is not afraid to spend time with his family and is going to a Jimi Hendrix tribute concert tonight with his Dad
…he loves to have time with his friends and gets pumped when he just sits around at a local coffee shop and talks with them
…he is not afraid to wear a coconut bra to his cousins 6th birthday party
…he is looking forward to a lifetime of learning and travelling and exploring
…he is a son who makes us proud and his Dad and I feel truly blessed that God chose us to raise him
…he is a gift

can't wait to learn more….


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