Thursday, January 16, 2014

Went to see this old classic last night:)  Enjoyed the old romance....loved the style....

Looking forward to getting my hair done.  I'm thinking about continuing to let it grow out.  I usually don't let it get too long but feeling like a I'd like to try longer hair, with some body and then when the warmer weather returns:) perhaps some highlights!!!

Today is another cloudy and cold day.  I really do not enjoy when the sun is not out..I can handle the colder temps as long as the sun is out.  Glad to have my new hair to look forward to for today, that helps.  As well I have realized that exercise does affect my mood, spirit and energy as well so I made a point to use the treadmill this morning.

Tomorrow evening is a long awaited night with Keri.  We still have not exchanged our Christmas gifts and we are doing dinner together first...going to Motor Burger..yummy!!!  Thinking about ordering a bracelet to remind myself of my OLW this year...I have done canvas pieces in the past and last year I did my word with mixed up fonts on a wooden board and hung it in my kitchen area.

Well....I got a new job this week:)  It's just part time...doing scrapbook classes at Michaels.  They are calling me next week with a schedule for training and what classes will be scheduled....will see how it goes:)  I know I need to being a bit more....hoping to work on getting some volunteer work as well.

Still stalling on my title page for Project Life....thinking it's mostly because I can't find a recent family picture to use.  I brought my tripod home from the cottage last weekend, perhaps that means we can set something up this weekend.  Hoping the kids co-operate for a picture...gets a bit harder as they get older.  There is this one from New Years Day... I believe it was THE coldest I have ever been !!!


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