Sunday, April 25, 2010 of sore muscles and rain

I know Kara-Leigh will cringe when she sees this picture:)  This morning began with coffee and a toasted bagel with peanut butter and time together on the couch.  Victoria slept over at Camilles and so Virg and I headed off to the cottage to bring some stuff out there and pick up my camera cord LOL   Ethan stayed at home and has been getting some XBox time in before leaving early Tuesday morning for his Muskoka trip.  It was actually nice seeing the rain this morning as it means the bushes i planted yesterday and the few plants I transplanted to the front got some well needed watering.  the 7 hours Virg and I spent outside together yesterday paid off.  the yard looks much better and we got the seed down just in time.       Ethan and I went to Walmart this afternoon to purchase some items for his Muskoka trip.  He is VERY excited and I know he's going to have a great time.  He was up later packing and has written me a note to get the camera we didn't pick up earlier so that I remember to get it tomorrow:)  Mom, Dad and Auntie Leigh stopped by to say good bye and have a great time.  

Made some banana cake and hope to watch my show, Brothers and Sisters in just a bit.  Tomorrow I'm off to get some pictures developed so I can begin the fun part of documenting my week-in-the-life project.  Sorry to my family who keeps getting these updates but wanted to write stuff down so I'd have something to refer back to when it came down to "remembering" my week.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Sleeping in Friday :)

Well, today the kids had the day off school so the three :) of us slept in, so very nice!!! The sun was out but I had started with a headache last night and woke up with one this morning as well. When I get these monthly headaches I usually take Advil gel caps as that's the only thing that seems to help. Ethan stayed in his pjs for the morning and Victoria and I left shortly after noon to Michael's, Wendy's for a quick lunch and then to Canadian Tire. We picked up some bushes that were on sale and a furnace filter. Shortly after we arrived home Virg was home as well. We all headed over to the states with Dad and Ed for a car show, Panera Bread for dinner and then a quick trip to Target. Ethan leaves early Tuesday morning for his Muskoka trip so we picked up some clothes for him as well as the new Avatar movie which we hope to watch tomorrow night.

We're very tired and just typing this out before going up to bed.....not many pics taken today. Maybe tomorrow will be better on the picture taking end. It's suppose to be a weekend of rain. hope to plant my bushes tomorrow and housecleaning and finish getting the items needs for his Gr 8 trip.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Lovin the big blue sky....

A busy day today with sunny blue and cool.....first our morning walk (Lily and Aunt Lisa with the CTK ladies:) We could see that the same house we had stopped at yesterday had MORE stuff sitting out on the driveway. I picked up a couple of tins and shoved them under the stroller. Angie found a nice dark brown wicker planter and Cathy found some things including a clothes drying rack. When we returned with our vehicles after our coffees I loaded up with come cups and saucers, pillowcases, white mugs, a duffel bag filled with kaleidoscopes:) wicker plates for outdoor eating.....the list goes on and on.

When Lily and I returned home it was fun in the front with bubbles, posing with 2 figurines on the bench (she asked me to take her picture with them on the bench beside her...too cute!) At one point we were sitting together on the bench and I kind of sat back and looked up at the sky "What a gorgeous day, Lily! That's a beautiful, blue sky. I love that gorgeous blue sky." To which Lily proceeds to lean back into the back of the bench, look up and declare "I love that gorgeous blue sky too Aunt Lisa" She made me smile and laugh so much today:)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Whirlwind Wednesday!!

Okay no new pictures to download....still no connecting cord. This morning I went to go for a quick walk with Marta and Angie had decided to join us as well. travelling down Grand Marais I look down one of the side streets and see a Canadian Diabetes truck at the end of a filled driveway filled with "junk" .....aka unfound treasures in my world:) So I turn down the street...long story short I leave the 2 ladies there as I run, walk, jog back to the school to get my van. I left with a van filled with stuff with something for all 3 of us. I didn't take a picture yet but I will!!! Worked at Virg's office from 11-2, stopped at the high school to pick up Ethan and 3 friends after shadow day there, confirmation class dropoff at 4, finish getting dinner put together, PAC meeting at 6:30 until almost 9, watch the end of Idol gives back, help cut out some pics for Ethan's project (which he is still working on!!) and down sitting down for a bit before bedtime:) Whew!! Oh yes, I forgot about Tuesday......

quickly trying to remember....clothes shopping for a few new spring pieces, pair of sandals and a pillow for my bench outside. Made devilled eggs, 3 loads of laundry, vaccumed up and down and enjoyed a nice but chilly dinner outside.

Another Lily day tomorrow, yeah:)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Trying to remember Monday....

Okay.....this picture is the last one I have uploaded to my computer. I'm trying to complete the week in the life project but somehow I left my cord for attaching my camera to the computer at the cottage..URGH!!! So I am determinded to still continue to take pics and upload them at a later date:) I will now attempt to look back thru the pics on my camera and remember my Monday and "jot" down some notes here on my blog:)

On Monday, it was a quick granola bar for breakfast for me, cereal for the kids. Monday mornings are usually not an early morning for any of us. Ethan got leftovers from Avo's house from the night before and Victoria wanted plain macaroni. After dropping off the kids I went for a walk with Marta and we had coffee and a breakfast BLT sandwich. Afterwards was a trip to the grocery store and I had a bag of clothes and a box of misc stuff for Value Village. As I passed the lady my things she passed me a coupon for 10% yes, I went inside. SO glad I did....found 4 bamboo chairs which I love and remind me of an outdoor french cafe. Picked up 6 small black and white coffee cups from England, a crackle glazed covered dish from Japan, a milk glass vase/urn, wicker wine bottle holder, scroll spoon holder (which I plan to paint) and a mirrored bottom round display piece (painting this as well). Kara-Leigh came over to watch the kids so that Virg and I could go out for dinner at Mazaar's where we devoured the hummus and drank 2 bottles of wine (almost). We were kindof celebrating 22 years since our first date on April 19th.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Celebrating Life Album

Here's some pics from my 6 x 12 album I'm doing with Keri
from an online class. It's with Shimelle and has you using your existing stash...of which I do have lots of supplies to chooses from:)

Really enjoying the weekly prompts and this past Wednesday I was scrapping the day and night my messy house bears witness:)

Hoping to maybe complete another page tonight. I did do 2 loads of laundry so does that mean I don't have to feel guilty??!!

Looking forward to what promises to be a gorgeous, sunny day tomorrow.