Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Good bye grade school.....

Well, this past week has been a whirlwind....we had confirmation a few weeks back and last Thursday was Ethan's graduation from grade 8!! I am finally feeling better after quite a few days with a bad sinus/cold. Last night I had Keri and Amanda here and we scrapbooked and love how my one page turned out with a pic of Ethan and I at the school dance. Tonight he has a grad party at his friend, Nick's house and then tomorrow we're going to possibly be going up to Virg's sisters place to celebrate Canada Day.
Summer has begun!!  As I sit here it's already 10:30 and all 3 kids are still sleeping (Camille slept over:) So enjoying the beautiful weather with cooler temps and gorgeous blue, sunshiney sky.  Looking forward to lazy schedules, eating good food, long days at the cottage, time with my week looks like a couple of days out of town may be in order!!

So proud of my kids....straight A students:)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

a special night, a special kid

It was a special night here at the Costa household...Ethan's confirmation. He looked very handsome (as you can see!!) and did so very well keeping his tie/suit jacket on despite the warm temperatures. We came back afterwards for some goodies, cappucinos and gifts. Ethan really seems to like the Bible that I had chosen for him....still need to show it to Virg LOL  I got some nice pictures and am looking forward to seeing pictures that were taken from Ryan's sister at the church. It was quite crowded in the church but enjoyed having my Dad and Mom beside me in the pew...singing along with my Dad to the hymns. The bishop who spoke at the service was a great speaker. His message was, to sum it up in my own words,  in order to see change in the world we need to look to God but that thru prayer and a change in heart people will be the way change occurs. He's provided for us but we need to make it happen.  Can't wait to continue to see what God has in store for our David Ethan "Joseph" Costa!!


I had a wonderful weekend away....have found myself quite tired since I returned and the cloudy/rainy day today doesn't help:)  Thought I'd post this picture from last week.  A picture perfect rose from the climbing bush that was in full bloom last week.  As I'm sitting here my cardinal friend has stopped by again outside to sign his good morning message to me. We've also discovered a robin's nest in our apple tree.  It sits low in the tree over the hot tub.  There are probably 3 babies inside although it's hard to really see them.

Tonight is Ethan's confirmation and in a few short weeks his graduation from grade school. I can remember his little yellow slicker and turtle it's all about the hair and Hollister or his other shirts of choice:) He is still a wonderful kid and hope he contines to be blessed with great friends and follows a path of Christian faith. It's a scary world sometimes but knowing you're not alone always helps.

On the agenda is to finish ironing up a bit, washing floors, help at the school over lunch, wrap a gift, buy a belt and pick up a few groceries.  I will have to squeeze in getting myself ready as well:)