Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas memories...

Well, it's the day after's pretty quiet around here now as it's just Ethan and myself here at home. Victoria is with her friend, Camille and Virg has gone up to Toronto with my dad for the hockey game toronto vs Montreal. Ethan is still lounging in his new Christmas eve pjs playing XBox as I sit here playing on the laptop. Christmas although it was a rainy day was sunshine here inside!! We enjoyed a Christmas eve celebration with Virg`s family with lots of good food and church service at 9pm. The kids were very happy to have their cousins there for that night as originally it didn`t look like they`d be down. Victoria was the first one up and woke up her brother and then us around 7:30am. we opened stockings and the rest of my family arrived around 9am. After opening gifts it was time for a big breakfast at the diningroom table...naps in the afternoon and then a huge turkey dinner around 6.
I thought a lot about Amanda and Joe and how different their Christmas would be this year....continuing to keep them in our prayers and hearts. The message I really heard this year was that although God doesn`t promise to put a `bandaid` on all the things that can happen in your life, he does promise to always be there for you and with you. It`s good to know you`re not alone in this world...we can`t control what happens in our life but we can decide how to act and make choices.
With the new year about to begin I`ll soon have to think of my word for the year...things I`m looking forward to in 2010....travels, creativity, learning, faith, friendships, high school for Ethan...change is one of the most definite aspects of life:)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas cheer

The days are now in the single digits (according to our official countdown cheerleader, Victoria LOL) I do believe I have only 2 more things to buy and then I am done...I have begun wrapping and after the next 3 days of busyness I will finish that as well. Our real tree still just has its white lights and silver star topper but eventually I will place the red and green decorations on it. I had some friends over this afternoon for coffee and goodies. It was a nice visit and I gave them their gifts for Christmas which they enjoyed...handmade gifts. I have more handmade things to finish up and am happy to have either found "vintage" treasures or have handmade gifts for most of my family/friends this year.

I really think I'm doing a better job of just enjoying more of what this season is all about rather than stressing about silly things. Look at these sillies!!! I feel blessed to have great friends and family in my life and our health...what more could one possibly need. I am counting my blessings and enjoying the yellow suckers that are the moments that I will enjoy in honour of a little blonde angel named Malik.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

A wet and warm day....

We went today to Sloan's to get our real Christmas tree today. It was chilly, wet and muddy!!! The Hagg family joined us and we had a wonderful time!!!!! I say warm because truly the warmth of friendship and the spirit of Christmas was a big part of our day. I enjoy spending time with all the kids and they all get along so well together even the ages range from 5 to 13. We were there for almost 3 1/2 hours before we decided we had better go and pick our trees before they closed for the day:) The kids really enjoyed the haystack maze, broomball hockey, slingshots, zipline....despite the drizzle (I was really hoping for some snow). Because of the poor weather they only charged us for the tree and no extra charge for the activities because they didn't have the kids train running and one other activity that I'm not really sure of..LOL

SO I think both families picked some pretty great looking trees...yes? Maybe next year we'll have snow instead of mud. My washer is getting a workout tonight by the way....

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A Little more of Christmas

As soon as Victoria and I had placed the tree skirt around the comes Jack to pose as the purrfect Christmas kitty! Both he and Sedona love sitting under the trees. We've got decoartions on the tree now and I have my urns done at the front of the house. Our advent countdown canvas I made a couple of years ago is now displayed as well. Looking forward to going to get our real tree on Saturday. Right now it's raining outside...maybe by tomorrow am it may turn to some snow??! Would love to have a white Christmas this year, fingers crossed:)