Wednesday, June 24, 2009

It's a beautiful but HOT day in the neighbourhood!

Although I really should be doing some tidying up around the house just wanted to post some pictures before doing the other "fun" stuff LOL Went out this morning to get some needed lawn chairs for the big fireworks show tonight down at the river and some snacks as per Victoria's written request: gummy bears, chips, Fruitopia yes, I will also be bringing some mixed nuts, green grapes water for healthier choices too. Another item on our fireworks night supply list is glow in the dark bracelets and necklaces so got those at Dollarama as well. So of course before going to the grocery store I stopped off to look....and picked up these goodies:

As I'm checking out I see this interesting wood box on the shelf and score!! It's filled with all stamps from I'm assuming an old general store perhaps? It does smell a bit like old tobacco so I have it airing outside but I LOVE it!!!!!!!

I also have to share some pictures from a recent visit with Lily and Tamara last Friday. We sat in the backyard and had lots of smiles and playing of peek a boo from her....just Loving her curls at the back of her head. Ethan had the same thing until his first haircut.

Not sure how to organize my pics to load and display a little nicer...sorry!!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Summer is coming!!

So one day this past week after school the kids are I were talking about summer vacation and some of the things we wanted to do. We decided to make up some lists. Their lists were actually daily chores they wanted to accomplish as we talked about having quiet mornings and then by 10am making sure beds were made and then before heading off with friends and stuff we'd get our daily tasks/chores done first. I was making up the fun list of stuff to do LOL On Studio Calico this morning I received an email with a cute idea of making up a summer list....I used some scraps from my pile and made this piece up for us. Thinking I'll use it on a page with photos from our summer in a mini in September!!

Virg is out making a floating dock for us to bring out to the cottage tomorrow. He just called and is very excited! His friend, Colin made up the design and they're at his place working on it. It's 8 x 10 and says "it's like a floating party platform!" Can't wait to see it :)

Monday, June 8, 2009

June is flying by!!!!

Last Friday I cut some peonies from the front bed and placed 3 sets around the house. Gorgeous blooms and so many due to the rain we've had the last few weeks. On Tuesday I brought a friend out to the cottage to show her the "before" of the kitchen as we wait for the real work to begin (hoping this means tomorrow!!) After that we went to L&K Antique place and I picked up a few things :) including these cute pastel name place holders. I put them around the vase on the diningroom table and like the look.
As Virg and I looked over the calendar for the month we seem to have a lot of weekends booked but that's fine....just looking forward to summer...relaxing by the lake, late evenings, no more school lunches to make, having my kids around, nothing on the agenda days....