Monday, November 3, 2014

Hello November…really?? already?!

   I find it hard to believe it's already November…..poor munchkins who went out for trick or treating this past Friday experienced a cold, wet and windy night.  I have to say it was kind of nice not having to go out:) We had fewer kiddos, probably about 80…I would say about half the usual number.

   One of the highlights of last month was a weekend away with friends in Michigan.  We stayed at a boat and breakfast place that we have stayed at previously and enjoyed some great food and lots of laughter…just what we both needed:)  On the way back we stopped at a covered bridge and took some fall pictures there of us.  I should have brought my tripod to take a picture of the two of us together...


   For this month I'm thinking it will be a month of cleaning up and purging in anticipation of the holidays.  Virg and I have a wedding reception in a couple of weeks, I have a cooking class this week and an open house at a favourite local store. I want to really spend some time in my creative space…doing stuff in there and organizing it (an ongoing battle!!)

   I'm looking forward to putting together my Week in The Life album from my photos and journalling I completed last week…still trying to decide if I will attempt a December album or not…

   Here's to a month of appreciation and hope for healing for some members of my family.