Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Beginning of a new season

Well spring is almost over and I'm going to miss it:(  The weather here the past 3 days has been spectacular...which means sunshine and temperatures in the 70s...this I can handle.  It means walks in the morning and sometimes after dinner....gardening without having to wipe your brow every 2 seconds and bending and turning until your back says no more!!  I love that we can eat outdoors and no bugs to worry about as we enjoy meals I've enjoyed preparing as this weather just puts me in the mood to cook. The arrival of summer in a few weeks means that Victoria will soon be graduating from grade school...which means both kids will be in high school next year..yikes!!!  Am I really that old...yes, I am that old.  Just yesterday I was holding a 4 day old seems like it was just a couple of weeks ago and I was holding my 4 day old baby girl.  Although Megan was quite a tiny little thing.  My Victoria was never that tiny!!

I am looking forward to cottage time this summer...we have my sisters wedding in August and a trip to Vegas in September as well.  I'm hoping to make my summer to do list soon...we have some get togethers to plan out there as well as a few concerts we've gotten tickets for which is something we haven't really done in the summer.

A track and field meet is happening tomorrow for Victoria and she will be in 4 events!!!  She is nervous but I think more excited:)  Keeping my fingers crossed for her...