Thursday, March 28, 2013

ALmost ready for Easter.....

Well today was a day about friendships:)  Usually Thursday is the day I take the morning to do a walk with 3 of my "besties" and we go for coffee afterwards.  Today it was a quick walk and short coffee with 2 of them as we had other stuff to do.  It was a nice visit and the sun was out but still a little chilly. Later in the morning I had my friend, Sue over and she brought some lunch and we did a bit of crafting...mostly talking.  It was wonderful!  She's good for the soul.  You know when you have a real connection to people?  You have wonderful talks about stuff that really matters?!  Sometimes there are tears..sometimes there are tears from laughing so much too...just great connections.  I feel so fortunate to that with a handful of really good FRIENDS.

Today was also the day that Victoria's best friend moved into a new home.  Her Mom had called me in the afternoon and I stopped by to pick up some stuff to bring over to the new house and then left to get the kids from school.  I brought them all to Mc D's to get some dinner and they wanted to stop at Petsmart.  There are weekly requests to go there so we can check out the pets...YES we have enough here...we are NOT getting any more LOL  After that we had a bit of time before we were to meet at the new house.  I wanted to bring some flowers so we stopped at Fred's and I picked a hydrangea plant and then a roasted chicken, some potatoes and veggies and dip.  We worked at unloading the 2 vehicles and the moving truck.  I went to work at cleaning up some in the kitchen and set up the microwave and cleaned and put away fridge contents.  I wasn't going to stay long...but I'm glad I did:)  I was going to go get groceries but that wasn't going to happen...I will have to go Saturday.

My  grocery list is long, I don't have the eggs to decorate yet, I haven't figured out what I want for the table.....

Today was a good day:)

  I'm tired and I'm not looking forward to the grocery shopping but I was there today for people.  My purpose today was made clear...THANK YOU..I heard you:)