Monday, February 25, 2013

Feeling better....feeling busy

Hard to believe that February is coming to a close soon....I have been doing well at creating my weekly Project Life pages and enjoy doing them.  Virg read over the last couple that I did and really enjoyed them, makes me feel good:)

Last week we had the second wedding of the month!!  It was a nice ceremony of Virg's longtime friend, Ravi.  Then back on Valentines Day his younger sister, Leticia was married.  Both weddings were planned kind of last minute but were both happy occasions.

With last weekend being the long Family Day weekend we enjoyed a weekend away with 3 other families.  Unfortunately Victoria was sick and ended up missing another 2 days off school and although I felt like I was catching the same bug I was able to fight it off with vitamin C and echinacea so that was a blessing!!!  The kids had fun being together and above they are in the clothing section of the COOLEST store The Bomb Shelter in Akron, Ohio:)

Not much longer until our family vacation to warm and sunny places...I can't wait especially now that I hear we are in for more snow tomorrow and colder temperatures for the next 5 days...ugh...spring come NOW...PLEASE:)