Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A change of seasons

Well, looks as if fall IS really here now....although this past September really was the weather we should have had in August!! Ethan finally wore long pants today after realizing that it was a little cold for shorts yesterday but of course I'm just Mom, what do I know?! We had our annual Meet the Teacher BBQ last night, I brought my camera but did not take any pictures :( I was quite busy helping out then sitting down with Virg to quickly eat a hamburger and then run off to meet both teachers. Victoria's teacher is new to the school and seems like a wonderful, motivated and organized teacher. When we were in her classroom we discovered that Victoria had won an award that morning for Character Counts for the Respect pillar...WOW!! Ethan is in grade 8 and he was really off on his own most of the night hangin out with friends (quite a few of whom were girls :) His teacher, Mr St Louis who we were told already was great does indeed seem to be another gifted teacher. We are very blessed with a school who does have some super teachers and a great sense of community.

We`re continuing to keep the Fryer family in our prayers.....Malik is a very special fella who has a brain tumor. Seems like God is calling him home sooner than we Amanda and her family and pray for them all the time.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Poor deglected blog...

Funny how the summer just fly by although the weather we've been having this week is a lot more hot and humid than the whole summer it seems!! Started watching Lily on thursdays and have had 2 weeks with her. Of course you know I'll be taking a ton of fun's one from last week..
Looking forward to a night out tonight at wine fest in Amherstburg and thne hockey starts this weekend for Ethan. I'm really thinking about visiting the farmers Market on Saturday...something I've always wanted to do and really want to do some creating as well. I have some new pics developed and itching to do something with them.
Off to pick up Victoria...Ethan rode his bike today with his friends and don't want to have Victoria walking by herself.